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Rehabs in Mercer

Rehabs in Mercer

Mercer is the 12th most populous county in NJ. Its seat is Trenton which is also the capital of the state. The central position made it one of the most lively locations here. Meanwhile, this causes the spread of addiction concern among the population as well.

The only solution that professionals suggest is proper treatment under medical supervision. Otherwise, your problem will become critical and difficult to solve. Rehabs in Mercer County, New Jersey provide quality care to every patient.

If you want to know details about the curing process continue to read this article.


Many residents of almost all the regions in the USA struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. In fact, this disease kills thousands of Americans a year. The pandemic started several decades ago. 

However, for a long time, many healing methods have been available. Despite this, many addicts prefer self-medication and destroy their lives. Accordingly, their mental health and body suffer. Besides, the family members get into trouble. 

According to NJSAMS’s data, 82,254 people entered recovery centers in NJ in 2020. By the way, 3,733 were from Mercer County. Among them, 1,443 residents had a heroin addiction. Here alcoholism had the second highest rate. 1,163 were alcoholics and reported heavy drinking. 

Moreover, there were 673 cocaine and marijuana abusers. SAMHSA informs that 790 patients chose inpatient hospitalization. 845 addicts selected intensive outpatient treatment. 

Surely, these numbers are encouraging. Especially, when we find out that most cases ended with successful healing. 

Meanwhile, there are many overdose deaths around us. Those who visited a doctor helped to reduce such scenarios. To fight this issue we must realize that we can’t overcome substance dependency alone.


Maybe you have already heard about this procedure. However, few of us have an exact idea about it. But it is certain that we should not skip assessments before healing. This is a mandatory step to get information about the patient’s illness history. 

Above all, drug and alcohol testing shows the stage of the problem. And this is possible to indicate with interviews. Thus, you must answer some questions related to your state. Accordingly, based on the results of monitoring therapists decide where to begin the care.

Evaluation often follows consultation․ It also may be its part. In Silver Lining Recovery Center highly trained specialists carry out needed check-ups. They utilize the objective criteria of ASAM.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Nowadays, many hospitals offer customized healing plans for their clients. The variety of therapies allows them to do this. For example, in every clinic, there are detox and aftercare. 

On the other hand, they are different and individual depending on the case. Detox is responsible for protecting us from unpleasant withdrawals. As we see the goal is one but the methods are many. So, the choice of a facility becomes more complicated.

Payment Methods

Definitely, services of rehabs are expensive regardless of what therapies you choose. That is why customers search for ways to pay less. Here are the most common ones:

  • Private insurance
  • Financing
  • Scholarships
  • Loans from banks, family, or friends
  • Grants
  • Out-of-pocket payment

If you do not have enough money you can also benefit from non-profit centers. SAMHSA’s national helpline gives free information about them.

Luxury Rehabs in Mercer, NJ

The advantage of such clinics is gorgeous amenities like:

  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness
  • Tasty meals
  • Park for various activities, etc.

The quality of services varies as well. Of course, prices are more than in ordinary recovery clinics.

Let’s look at some luxury centers:

Penn Medicine Princeton House

905 Herrontown Rd. 

Princeton, NJ - 08540

(888) 437-1610

Rescue Mission

98 Carroll Street, P.O. Box 790

Trenton, NJ 08605-0790

(609) 695-1436

Forcing Your Teens into Rehabs

Indeed, this is one of the hardest tasks for teens’ parents, as every mistake may harm your child. Besides, your relations with him suffer. So, don’t rush to compel your child to enter a hospital. 

Firstly, persuade him to visit a physician. Explain that this does not mean settling in the clinic. Also, assure that you will make decisions together considering his consent. 

Thus, you keep his trust, and he feels your full support. But if you notice that the situation is out of control, force remains the only exit.