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Rehabs in Essex

Rehabs in Essex

Indeed, getting addicted is not an immediate process. Firstly, you take drugs or alcohol to taste. Secondly, you feel that you liked it. Then, you notice that it becomes common for you. Therefore, you begin to abuse them. Thus, your first trial may destroy your life. It is your choice. So, make the right decision on what your health depends on. Rehabs in Essex County, New Jersey prevent and treat substance misuse. Their skilled staff ensures your wellness.

We have prepared a detailed guide on treatment. Let’s overcome challenges together.


Essex is home to 863,000 people. As a densely populated county, it has an increased rate of addiction. For example, in 2015-2017, overdose cases were more than 600. Compared to other states, NJ also ranks high in the drug epidemic.
Indeed, this should be alarming for residents. This issue concerns recovery centers as well. Even though they provide attainable services, numbers remain the same. So, we must know that healing under medical control is the only solution.


Usually, every cure plan starts with an assessment. In Team Management 2000 Inc, you may pass free drug testing. Detox programs are also available. See the contacts below.

How to Force Your Teen Into Rehab?

Teens tend to use narcotics and alcohol more than adults. Surely, this is because they don’t realize the circumstances. Moreover, they often have psychological worries related to their age. However, parents can minimize stress by taking care of their children.
Firstly, you should talk to them about their problems. Secondly, keep them away from addicted friends. They may have a big influence on them. Eventually, when symptoms appear, don't panic. Visit a doctor to understand the situation. Also, if there is a need, compel your child into treatment.

Recovery Facilities in Essex

Of course, finding the best clinic for you is not easy. Certainly, there are many factors we consider upon selection:

  • Price
  • Amenities
  • Nurses
  • Atmosphere
  • Methods
  • Location, etc.
    However, few centers satisfy all the points. However, we tried to compile the most preferred ones near you. Among them, we listed outpatient and inpatient hospitals.

Outpatient and Residential

Integrity House Men's Facility

105 Lincoln Park
Newark, NJ - 07102
(973) 623-0600

Integrity House Women's Facility

43 Lincoln Park
Newark, NJ - 07102
(973) 623-0600

Health Resources and Referral Services

393 Central Avenue
Newark, NJ - 07103
(973) 609-8398

Newark Renaissance House Inc

50 Norfolk Street
Newark, NJ - 07103
(973) 623-3386

Angel Hope House

800 Clinton Avenue
Newark, NJ - 07108
(973) 373-6800