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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

What is Rehab

What is Rehab in New Jersey?

Rehab helps people overcome substance addiction in a drug-free environment. In addition, the treatment services received during rehab prepare people to handle cravings and situations that may cause them to relapse in the future.

Types of Rehab

Types of Rehab in New Jersey

Rehab takes on many forms, but the five broad types are detox, residential, inpatient, and outpatient rehabs, and sober living homes. While detox focuses on the physical aspect of recovery, the other types of rehab are more holistic and tackle multiple aspects of recovery.

Types of Rehab

Cost of Rehab in New Jersey

The cost of rehab in New Jersey depends on several factors. Chief among these factors are the type of rehab, the treatment services received, facility location, and the length of the program.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pay For Rehab

How Do I Pay For Rehab in New Jersey?

Health insurance and out-of-pocket are the two main ways people pay for rehab. However, if you plan to cover treatment with insurance, confirm that the program is in-network. For persons paying cash, there is no need to worry about acceptance. Still, the cost of rehab can be high. Many rehab centers set up payment plans to make the process easier.

What Programs Are Available After Rehabs

What Programs Are Available After New Jersey Rehab?

Post-rehab programs help people who have completed treatment remain dedicated to their sobriety goals. These programs include sober living, support group meetings, and continuing care, a form of outpatient rehab.

Recognizing If A Loved One Needs Help

Recognizing If A Loved One Needs Help

People cover up their addiction struggles for many reasons, including shame, guilt, and the fear of judgment or losing their families. Support from loved ones may be essential for those struggling with addiction.

Is There Support For  Teenagers

Is There Support For Teenagers?

Rehab centers for teens design their programs to manage the addiction in teenagers going through a period of physical and mental changes. Teen drug programs like Alateen help teenagers understand how drugs affect them, hone sobriety skills, and learn how to have healthy relationships with their peers.

What Are Government-Funded Rehab Programs

What Are Government-Funded Rehab Programs?

Government-funded rehab programs are public programs that receive funding from government grants and budgetary allocations. Thus, these programs provide addiction treatment at a low cost. However, this status also means public programs can only accept people who meet specific criteria.


About Rehabs

Best Top Rehab Centers

StateRehabs.org maintains a database of the best rehab centers in New Jersey. These centers have treatment services designed to help clients make a full recovery from addiction and provide them with the support needed to sustain sobriety after leaving.

Rehab resources


Everything you need to understand the types of rehab and how to choose the best one for you is available. Still, consider getting an expert evaluation to set the best recovery plan for you.


LGBTQ Community

The unique challenges LGBTQ persons face while struggling with addiction make it necessary to access treatment in a safe, inclusive, and confidential program. Learn more about finding rehab for LGBTQ persons in New Jersey.